Essence of Existence

Dot pointing 90 x 90 cm

The circle is the point of the universe, this is the beginning of all beginnings. It is a symbol of the fact that everything is cyclical.

In the ‘Flower of Life’ circle. This is how all the energies of the material and subtle-material world are formed from the energies of the Spiritual World, from the beginning of the beginnings – the circle.

On the flower of life is the Seven-Pointed Star, which denotes the unification of all energies of our dense material world – seven notes, seven colors, seven chakras, etc., into one Large Cosmic Family, where each symbol and color supports and passes into each other with the formation of a heptahedron in the center of this symbol is the family.

In the heptahedron there is the symbol of ‘merkaba’ of two triangles inverted to each other. It is a symbol of the unification of male and female energies in space, This is a symbol of the formation of an endless and most powerful flow of energies in our galaxy. Energies are generated from parallel rotation – the male part is clockwise, the female counterclockwise.

And in the very center of the picture there are six petals that characterize the Energy of the Earth.

Inspiratie bron en tekst from Irina Podzorova (contactee Interstellar union).